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SAFE Grant Recipients


Maggie Slater

This project involved the recording and release of Maggie Slater’s latest single ‘Pulp’. The song explores issues of patriarchal influence over women in early relationships, looking at this issue retrospectively and making space for feminine frustration. ‘Pulp’ was produced by Jason Millhouse at Recordworks in Brisbane and the release’s PR campaign was run by Beehive PR. The project also involved the creation of a music video, artwork for the song and merchandise, and the organisation of a single launch. The project was extremely successful and allowed Maggie to take her artistry and professional profile to the next level.

Donna Lawrence

The SAFE Grant enabled Donna Lawrence the opportunity to further explore their project, ‘Light and Shade’ is a visual exploration of DBT (Dialectical Behavioural Therapy), a therapy typically practised through verbal communication. Visually exploring DBT in the form of a solo exhibition and visual book. 

The Lighter Fluid

The SAFE Grant enabled The Lighter Fluid the opportunity of capturing professionally produced images of the band for use on upcoming album artwork and website.


Bill Thomas

The SAFE Grant enabled Bill Thomas to undergo a mentorship with Nabil Sabio Azadi and Peter Vance to complete a compilation book of Bill’s favourite poems and short stories.

Sue Yule

The SAFE Grant enabled Sue to to further develop and fund her solo exhibitionA Year in My Suburb at the Art from the Margins (AFTM) Gallery & Studios. 


Alexandra Ellen

The SAFE Grant enabled Alexandra to attend Back to Back Theatre’s Come and Make Performance (CAMP) in Geelong, Victoria.

Allycia Staples

The SAFE Grant enabled Allycia to attend Back to Back Theatre’s Come and Make Performance (CAMP) in Geelong, Victoria.


Craig James

The SAFE Grant enabled Craig to exhibit artwork in the State of Diversity, the touring exhibition of the 2019 Queensland Regional Art Awards.

Jeff Usher

Jeff will achieve state wide recognition at Butterfly Club, where he aims to reach audiences with information about mental health issues, using the show to educate and entertain.


Angus MacFarlane

Angus used his SAFE Grant to have seven of his original electronic compositions professionally mixed and recorded at a recording studio and made into a CD.


Daniele Constance

Theatre practitioner Daniele Constance used her SAFE grant to create the first development of a new work and test it at Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Levi Diball

Visual artist Levi Diball used her SAFE grant to contribute towards her Graydon Gallery solo exhibition costs.

Megan Louise West

Megan received a SAFE grant in 2016 to fund further studies of physical theatre and dance, which included Butoh, vocal training and storytelling techniques.


Paul Gray

Paul used his SAFE Grant to purchase a camera. His new camera has allowed him to further his artistic practice, and as a result, Paul exhibited and sold an artwork in our KPMG exhibition Scope.

Janelle Colquhoun

A SAFE grant enabled Janelle Colquhoun to travel to London to attend the Visually Impaired Musician’s Lives conference. By attending this conference Janelle was able to renew her professional networks and ideas relating to vision impaired musicians. 


Gillian Rankine

A SAFE grant enabled Gillian Rankine to work with her mentor Meredith Beardmore, who travelled from Melbourne to play with her at the Early Music Society of Queensland concert, playing the Baroque Flute.


Mantist Oryem

Mantist Oryem used the funds from his SAFE grant to print copies of his new single Hello Mamma to sell during live shows, at recording stores and on fan’s requests. Afterward, Mantist was able to work with radio stations which sent out copies of his single to listeners.


Belinda Peel

A SAFE grant enabled Belinda Peel to have an art exhibition ‘Within Without’ that aimed to give her artistic exposure and to let other disability circles see her work.


Sarah Houbolt

Sarah Houbolt used her SAFE grant to help cover her travel expenses to and from New Zealand, where she attended the Touch Compass Dance Company’s integrated dance teacher training, and the BLENNZ Homai School for the Blind performing Arts Intensive as an assistant in their week-long programme.


Amanda Rosenfeld

Amanda’s SAFE grant enabled her to purchase high quality musical equipment to use in association with Kinder Beat 3 (a beginner keyboard program of Encore Music Education) lessons for 4-year-old students, as well as complete her Certificate of Teaching (CTMusA) with the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB).

Rachael Missingham

A SAFE grant enabled Racheal Missingham to travel to Sydney to participate in Australian Theatre Forum 2015 as an independent artist.

John Briggs

John was awarded a SAFE grant in 2013 to go towards Unframed, his exhibition at the Fortitude Valley gallery Jugglers Art Space.


Diane James

Diane was awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 that she put towards attending the International Symposium of Electronic Arts and Vivid Festival in Sydney, June 2013.


Paul Ryan

Paul was a awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 which he put towards purchasing a camera to complete his work The Cattle Life Project & Heartland Initiatives.


Deb Chilton

Deb was awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 to attend Arts and Disability Meeting Place, a national conference in Hobart, in June 2013.


Richelle Spence

Richelle received a SAFE Grant in 2013 to attend the MHS Conference in Melbourne, August 2013, and present artwork and a paper The Recovery Concept and Crisis Intervention: time for a revolution in the realm of acute psychiatric care with Dr Karleen Gwinner and Dr Louise Ward.


Cristina Youhanna

Cristina was awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 to purchase a computer with i-sight functionality to support her online marketing of her novel Pretty Little Voices.


Megan Louise West
Paul Gray


Janelle Colquhoun
Gillian Rankine
Mantist Oryem
Belinda Peel
Sarah Houbolt
Amanda Rosenfeld


Rachel Missingham


John Briggs

Diane James

Paul Ryan

Deb Chilton

Richelle Spence

Christina Youhanna



Colin Cain

Maureen Connolly

Teone Reinthal

Brendan Huddy

Reg Lovell

Rachel Tara

Susan Andrews


Carol O’Reilly

Cristina Youhanna

Colleen Stevenson

Danielle Richardson

Footprints Inc

Lewis Leigh Lucas

Ross Barber

Tanya Darl


Debra Barry

Karen Roberts

Magda Labuda

Michelle Bainbridge

Terry Stewart

Damian Stewart

Maya Jones

Teone Reinthal


Christine Smale

Alex Crombie

Anna Benakich