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Paul Ryan

SAFE Grant Recipient 2013

After many years, I can now return to my passion of making photographs and providing written content for a broader community."

Paul Ryan is a photographer from Rockhampton in Central Queensland.


Paul was a awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 which he put towards purchasing a camera to complete his work The Cattle Life Project & Heartland Initiatives.


What did the SAFE grant mean to Paul?

“Life changed for the better. The restoration of a basic ‘tool of trade’ is a bit like getting the fourth wheel on a car, without that essential part of the machine a vehicle won’t move forward.” 


“The benefits personally are manifold and far reaching. The grant awarding has been therapy in itself.”


“Every time I take up the camera, my old sense of adventure is slowly returning, rising above the past traumas, and new discoveries of ways to make stories again using photos and research with non-fiction narratives about otherness, to accompany them. Much gratitude.”