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Cristina Youhanna

SAFE Grant Recipient 2013

"Bingo! All the background work had paid off.  I am very grateful to Access Arts for making this possible."

Cristina Youhanna is an artist and author from Mount Nebo, north west of Brisbane.


Cristina was awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 to purchase a computer with i-sight functionality to support her online marketing of her novel Pretty Little Voices.


What did the SAFE grant mean to Cristina?

“Week 6 – An unexpected “outcome” occurred at this point – something I could never have an anticipated. In the preparation of my monologue to camera I was inexplicably drawn back to my manuscript and began to re-edit the work itself – not a huge overhaul of the manuscript, but enough to then lead to a new synopsis and query letter – I had somehow stumbled upon a new way of interpreting my novel and that now meant my marketing strategy would have to change.”


“Week 7/8 – With my new approach I could now begin to craft my “straight to camera” dialogue as part of a writer’s “ongoing conversation with themselves”, rather than as a straight sell of the product ‘Pretty Little Voices’.”