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Richelle Spence

SAFE Grant Recipient 2013

Accountability, By Richelle Spence

Richelle Spence is a multi-media artist from Clayfield, north of Brisbane.


Richelle received a SAFE Grant in 2013 to attend the MHS Conference in Melbourne, August 2013, and present artwork and a paper The Recovery Concept and Crisis Intervention: time for a revolution in the realm of acute psychiatric care with Dr Karleen Gwinner and Dr Louise Ward.


Richelle and Dr Karleen Gwinner have also compiled a paper that is currently under review for the Arts and Health Journal titled: ‘(Insider Comes Out) a silent performance; an artist’s inquiry and narrative about the relationship of art and mental health.’ The paper presented at the conference has been accepted in the 2013 ‘The MHS Book of Proceedings’.


What did the SAFE grant mean to Richelle?

“It enabled me to create a high-quality artwork. It stretched my creative ideals and practices. It has opened a new capacity in working”


“This work is now being used at Latrobe University, Melbourne in the training of psychiatric nurses.”