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Levi Diball

About Levi Diball

Levi is a Brisbane-based artist and illustrator. She is from a family lineage of artists and has been making art with various media for as long as she can remember.

Levi expresses her feelings in her artwork, using humour and quirkiness to illustrate her personal and family life; the good and confusing. She also illustrates her life as a female artist with a disability, aiming to create greater awareness of ‘Outsider Art’.

Levi plans to publish an autobiographical picture book that will illustrate her life to this point in time.

Earth Footprint is Levi’s third exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, showing previously at Time (2019) and Dreams (2020), as well as the KPMG exhibition Journey to the Other Side (2020).


The artworks listed below were exhibited in ‘Earth Footprint’ at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.