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Belinda Peel

About Belinda Peel

Belinda’s work reflects her love of the Australian lifestyle with animals, especially kookaburras, pet dogs and sports.

She has explored many different art mediums, and currently favours water-mixable oils and watercolours, depending on the surface. They are suited to her bold, free and colourful artistic style.

Belinda visited a lot of art galleries from a young age with her father, where she was exposed to a variety of styles. Belinda has since selected elements that work for her to create her own unique aesthetic.

Earth Footprint is Belinda’s third exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, showing previously at Time (2019) and Dreams (2020), as well as the KPMG exhibition Journey to the Other Side (2020).


The artworks listed below were exhibited in ‘Earth Footprint’ at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.