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Colleen Stevenson is a Brisbane-based photographer.

Colleen says “Photography became a part of my life after the death of my son David. Photography helped me get through everyday things. The landscapes that I am drawn to are isolated small pockets within the Brisbane city landscape, such as Raven Street Reserve. When light refracts in nature, I see it as abstract movement, something lost or missed by the everyday. It is this abstract refraction of light that could transcend us into a moment of reflection. It’s a kind of narrative that I portray”.

Colleen is member of the Brisbane Outsider Artists and mentorship program at Access Arts.

Colleen has recently shown work in a series of exhibitions curated by Access Arts at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital including Time (2019), Earth Footprint (2021) and Dancing Colours (2022). Colleen also exhibited in the Recovered Futures (2021), Visitors at Brisbane Powerhouse (2021), and Looking Back, Looking Forward (2022) at KPMG.

BIRD IN FLIGHT by Colleen Stevenson
DELIGHTFUL LILIES by Colleen Stevenson