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Meet the Team

Access Arts employs specialist staff and is governed by a Management Committee, the members of which bring a range of talents, skills and networks that greatly enhances our work. We engage artists and arts workers who run our programs. We are also extremely grateful to our volunteers, advocates and supporters who make an essential contribution to Access Arts.

Management Committee

President: Thomas Bradley
Treasurer: Nicola Leahy
Secretary: Liz Crawford
Committee Member: Lorelei Baum
Committee Member: Weston Bruner
Committee Member: Patrice McKay
Committee Member: Sam Nicolosi 
Committee Member: Angela Tillmanns
Committee Member: Adrian Morgan

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Access Arts Staff

Chief Executive: Pat Swell
Business Manager: Narelle Hill
Project Coordinator: Tim Brown
Visual Arts Coordinator: Jasmin Coleman
Visual Arts Coordinator: Rachel Gaffney-Dawson
Administrator: Carla Sanzone
Administrator: Mary Schneider

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