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Alexandra Ellen is a Brisbane-based theatre-maker and visual artist. She takes a multidisciplinary approach to her artistic practice which crosses form. She aims to educate, challenge, expose, encourage and delight.

Alex believes that artists are story tellers, and is very passionate about disabled stories being told by authentic voices. This underpins all her art and advocacy work. 

Alex is a member of Access Arts Brisbane Outsider Artists visual art workshop program and their Earn From Your Art program. Her visual arts practice can be described as expressive and intuitive, leaning towards mixed media and experimenting with materials and techniques. Over the last six years, she has contributed to many collaborative exhibitions including with Access Arts and Art From the Margins. Alex curated her first solo exhibition Outside Inside in 2019. She was the 2020 Access Arts Achievement award recipient. 

LITERAL by Alexandra Ellen
GROWING TIMES by Alexandra Ellen