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About Carol Chapman

Carol is a Brisbane-based artist who attends the Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio (BOA). She took up painting at home after being medically terminated from my work due to a traumatic brain injury, which stole her speech and identity.


Carol says, “Art is communication without words. As someone who lives with a communication disability, art allows me to truly express myself and engage in my community.


“I appreciate all genres of art and experimenting with mixed media and textures. My paintings are bold statements of colour depicting an eclectic mix of scenes. With support I would like to continue to build appreciation for disability art and awareness of my story and others like me.”


Carol has previously shown her work at the St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital exhibition Dreams (2020), as well as the KPMG exhibition Journey to the Other Side (2020).




The Queensland Government has extended lockdown in South East Queensland in response to new COVID-19 cases in Brisbane.
Access Arts workshops will not proceed this week.