2020 SAFE Grant Recipients – Allycia Staples and Alexandra Ellen

We are delighted to announce that Allycia Staples and Alexandra Ellen have been awarded SAFE Grant for 2020!

For Alexandra, the SAFE Grant supported her to attend Back to Back Theatre’s “Come and Make Performance” CAMP in Geelong, Victoria.

Brisbane-based Alexandra is a multidisciplinary artist, actor and musician who performs regularly with Indelibility Arts.

“CAMP was a true blessing and feel like I have developed both as an artist and a person. Fears and insecurities that normally hold me back, didn’t. I’ve even chipped away at the writer’s block I’ve had for years,” Alexandra said.

Allycia also attended CAMP with the support provided by her SAFE Grant. In her home town on the Sunshine Coast, Allycia performs in a dance group called the Sunshine Troupe, and enjoyed the opportunities to connect with new people who shared her interests and passions at CAMP.

“I would like to thank Access Arts for sponsoring me to attend this event, I feel like it has encouraged me to step up in my community and take more of a leading role to become a mentor myself one day,” Allycia said.

Congratulations again ladies!

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