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Looking Back, Looking Forward – Access Arts’ 10th Anniversary

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Artwork: Birds of a Feather (Detail) by Brisbane Outsider Artists

An exhibition by Access Arts celebrating the
10-year anniversary of KPMG’s sponsorship of its artists.

24 October — 9 December 2022

Art exhibition

KPMG Brisbane, Riparian Plaza

Access Arts is proud to present Looking Back, Looking Forward – an exhibition which shines a light on talented Queensland artists and starts a conversation about the need for greater recognition of artists with disability.


Created by artists from Access Arts’ Brisbane Outsider Artists’ studio, Looking Back, Looking Forward is kindly supported by KPMG Brisbane, the Lord Mayor’s Community Fund, Lord Mayor Cr Adrian Schrinner and Cr Vicki Howard - Central Ward, and the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland.


This exhibition celebrates the 10th anniversary of KPMG’s sponsorship of Access Arts artists with disability. The theme, Looking Back, Looking Forward was chosen by the artists to highlight their creative evolution over the past decade and symbolises the development of their creative practice throughout this time. 

Exhibiting artist Kerry Beazleigh said the opportunity to speak about her work publicity at the private viewing last year allowed her to overcome her anxiety.


“The KPMG exhibition gave me a feeling as an artist of being very supported and valued,” Kerry said.


Her piece this year, Reflecting on Life’s Journey, encourages the audience to delve into their own reflection of life.


“In this painting, the symbolism of the mountains hides the uncertainty of what is coming next, while the river represents the twists and turns that life take,” Kerry said.


Fellow artist Lisa Blake said she reflects on this year’s theme in her painting The Stars are Aligning, which focuses on coming from the past and heading towards the future.


“I have used the rainbow pathway in an older artwork and more recently I’ve been painting stars, so it is looking at my older and newer styles of painting,” Lisa said.


The exhibition has provided an opportunity for both artists to explore their futures, reflect on their past and see how far they have come.


“The KPMG partnership has been a good opportunity for me to exhibit and sell work in different mediums and meet the person or organisation who has bought my work” said Lisa. 

Looking Back, Looking Forward will be exhibiting at KPMG Brisbane, Riparian Plaza from Monday 24 October until Friday 9 December and will feature a catalogue of Access Arts and KPMG Brisbane exhibition history, collaborative components and artworks created specifically for Looking Back, Looking Forward. The exhibition features 23 new artworks by 18 artists. 


All artworks are created by Access Arts’ Brisbane Outsider Artists and are available to view and
for sale online via

Access Arts

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An artwork by Andrea Carroll. It is a painting of a dark coloured bird

Visitors – An exhibition by Access Arts

Artwork is The Visitors by Andrea Carroll

KPMG Visitors Exhibition

Available for purchase online until 30 January

Created by artists with disability from Access Arts’ Brisbane Outsider Artists workshops 

Access Arts is proud to present, Visitors. An exhibition that shines a light on talented Queensland artists and starts a conversation about the need for more recognition for artists with disability.

The theme has been chosen by the artists as a way to come to terms with hopes, fears and desired personal freedoms.

Visitors to the home, visitors to the wide outdoors and visitors that inspire our imagination. Each artist has taken a unique perspective on their own freedoms – to move, shapeshift and reimagine the future.


Access Arts’ exhibition themes are consciously inclusive to allow for the diversity of expression and process. Artists are assisted to actualise their personal visions, acknowledging the value of their individual conceptualisations.

Visitors exhibition is available to view online until 31 January 2022. All artworks are available for sale.
Visitors was exhibited in-person at the Underground Foyer at Brisbane Powerhouse 1 – 12 December 2021.

About Access Arts

Access Arts is Queensland’s acknowledged leader for arts and disability. We create career pathways to paid work, and advocate at every opportunity for our artists to chase their artistic dream. Through art, Access Arts transforms lives.


Visitors will exhibit at the Underground Theatre Foyer from 1 – 12 December 2021.
All artworks are available for sale, created by artists who attend Access Arts‘ Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio and Digital Media workshops.


Visit to view and purchase artworks.

Visitors is kindly supported by the Lord Mayor’s Community Fund Central Ward and KPMG Brisbane.


Artwork credit: The Visitors by Andrea Carroll

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