SAT 3 JUNE 2023

Lights, Curtain, Action! performing at
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Celebrating 40 years of Access Arts on Queensland Day 

With Access Arts’ 40th year celebrations right around the corner, term two performing arts participants have been hard at work developing a performance to premiere at the event. The output of their efforts, a performance which at its heart is an invitation to embrace difference and celebrate diversity.

The ensemble is working closely with guest artist and workshop faciliator Zoe Houghton. Zoe brings a wealth of experience to the ensemble. From training at NIDA, to touring with the renowned Shakespearean company, Grin & Tonic, her eclectic career has equipped her with the knowledge and expertise to guide participants in exploring theatre and dance production.  


Each week the Ensemble participants are presented with new and exciting challenges, while working closely with guest artists to uncover new ways of connecting with themselves and others through artistic exploration. They are delving into alternative sensory approaches through guided meditation, improvisational sensory game exercises, and creative exercises in mask making, face painting, and symbolic shapes of nature using body parts.


Access Arts’ Arts Manager Tim Brown, says a major theme developing within the workshops is the exploration of alternative social ecosystems, which mirror the issues and vulnerabilities faced by all. 

The show invites audience members to suspend their preconceived notions of what a traditional performance should be. The participants aim to redefine traditional performance by creating an immersive experience that cultivates accessible practice and shares it with the audience, with the hope of inspiring more accessible processes in future productions.

Through the performance, guest artist Zoe says audience members will enter a world of vibrant colours, sounds and movement that incorporates elements of live music, dance and interactive offers to the audience to create a multi-sensory experience. “We invite audience members to be present in the moment and engage with their senses to enjoy the Ensemble’s use of shaping imagery, sounds and movement.” Zoe said.  


Access Arts’ participants, like Rebecca Dostal who has been part of the program since its inception in 2015, are enjoying the style of the skill-sharing workshops, and are excited to continue working with Zoe and share their upcoming performance:


I love working with new guest artists, it broadens my artistic networks and pushes the boundaries of what we think of as traditional theatre and dance-making." Rebecca said.

Access Arts is dedicated to providing artists with opportunities to develop their skills, pursue their artistic practice, and showcase their work. Collaborating with esteemed professionals in the arts industry, such as Zoe, emphasises the importance of workshops like Lights, Curtain, Action! in creating an inclusive arts ecology that enriches our society. 


Unite – Celebrating 40 years of Access Arts on Queensland Day is part of the 2023 Queensland Government’s Queensland Day celebrations.

This project is supported by the Queensland Government through Arts Queensland, and Brisbane City Council, The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Trust and MinterEllison.

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