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Kerry Beazleigh

About Kerry Beazleigh

Kerry’s artistic practice opened up when she began encouraging her six-year-old son who loved to draw. Kerry says that while watching a YouTube video on drawing faces “something just clicked”. She couldn’t stop researching and learning. Her passion for art had begun and she became technically skilled in graphite pencil drawing.

Three years later Kerry was forced to stop working due to ill health. Kerry took the opportunity to teach herself how to paint, having always had a love of colour. Kerry began painting animals.

Kerry’s primary focus is realism, and her preferred medium is oil paint, however she has recently begun expanding her practice and experimenting with other styles and mediums.

Kerry recently joined the Access Arts Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio. Earth Footprint is Kerry’s first exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.


The artworks listed below were exhibited in ‘Earth Footprint’ at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.