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The next generation of Arts leaders are...

Sync Leadership and Access Arts are excited to announce the 2022 cohort for the Sync Leadership Australia Online Program.


Sync Leadership Australia Online Program welcomes the following arts leaders:

Daniel Graham — NSW

“At times it can feel like a lonely place being in the disability arts sector. But now, I am excited to have the opportunity to work and learn from those who are in the disability arts leadership community who can assist me on my journey.”

Daniele Constance — Qld

“I am thrilled to be taking part in Sync Australia. As a disability-led program, I am looking forward to building my skills, knowledge and shifting my understanding of what leadership can be and taking the next step to become a leader myself.”

Fi Peel — ACT

“Sync Leadership Australia online program is a great opportunity for me. To be mentored by disability arts leaders will not only benefit my professional development but will enable me to pay that forward to others seeking to find their feet within the mainstream arts industry. It is equal parts humbling, exciting and energizing and I cannot wait!”

Harmonie Downes — Qld

“The opportunity to learn about myself, to foster the leadership potential in others and to cultivate my understanding of leadership with clarity, beauty and passion is something that I am thoroughly looking forward to.”

Jacqueline Tooley — NSW

“Being chosen to participate in this program is an honour and an exciting chance to lean into my leadership potential.”

Jodee Mundy — Vic

“Being selected by other d/Deaf and disabled peers into the Sync Leadership Australia online program enables me to feel seen, safe and supported as a recently disabled artist. I am looking forward to learning and experiencing all that this program has to offer.”

Kirsty Collins — NSW

“Sync Leadership Australia online program will enable me to better engage with and build a network with other disabled people to grow our knowledge, make meaningful change and achieve extraordinary things together.”

Tyson Hopprich — SA

“With this opportunity, I will be able to enhance my leadership potency as a creative professional with the tools and gusto required to inspire, support, and collaborate with our diverse and incredible disability community.”

Founded over 10 years ago by Sarah Pickthall and Jo Verrent, two leaders with disability from the UK, the Sync Leadership Australia Online Program is a new online leadership and coaching program. It explores leadership for people with disability and/or who are d/Deaf in the arts, culture, heritage and media. 


The program combines leadership theory with one-on-one coaching and support for participants to reflect and progress their leadership potential.

“Never has there been a more important time to capitalise and invest in the natural skills and ingenuity of leaders with disability and/or who are d/Deaf than now. Working with this fantastic new cohort of ambitious, empathic leaders in Australia, we aim to do just that.”

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Sync Leadership Australia Online Program is presented by Sync Leadership (UK) and Access Arts, supported by Australia Council for the Arts.

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