Drop by our ‘time’ exhibition!

An Access Arts exhibition has found its place on the walls of St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, Brisbane. Comprising 45 original pieces, ‘time’ showcases the creativity and spirit of artists with disability from all our visual arts workshops.

The usually subdued corridors along Level 1 of the hospital have been transformed by the exhibition. The walls are awash with colour, and many of the staff and patients have remarked on the difference the artworks have made to their wellbeing.

“Art creates a visually engaging and positive healing environment,” said Dr Philip Hall, who is leading the charge on art at St Andrew’s. “As evidence-based research shows, it improves a patient’s mood and they require less pain relief, recovering in a shorter time.”

Each of the artists have interpreted the theme in their own unique way, with works inspired by renowned artist Jackson Pollock, striking pieces of naïve art, breathtaking photographs that capture a moment frozen in time, landscapes both familiar and exotic, and much more. All of the artworks on display are for sale, with proceeds going to the artists.

Generously supported by MinterEllison, ‘time’ will run until 28 February 2020. The exhibition is open 8am – 8pm daily on Level 1 at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, 457 Wickham Terrace, ​Spring Hill, QLD 4000.