St Andrew’s exhibition is a Dream(s) come true

Dreams, presented by Access Arts, is our second exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, but this year, there’s a twist!

It’s Disability Action Week and Access Arts in partnership with St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital invites you to view the second exclusive art exhibition at St Andrew’s – available online for the first time.

The exhibition features 69 artworks created by 15 artists with disability. Each piece is unique, but they all share a universal theme – dreams.

The exhibition was created during Brisbane’s COVID-19 lockdown earlier this year. Drawing on various inspirations, the exhibition showcases the range of experiences and emotions felt by Access Ats artists and the impacts of COVID-19 on our day-to-day lives.

While St Andrew’s is currently closed to visitors, all of the artworks are available to view – and purchase – online now.

Dreams runs from 14 September until May 2021.