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Artist: Belinda Taylor

Belinda’s love of art developed through her high school years, culminating in her completing a Diploma of Creative Arts at James Cook University.

Belinda says, “Creating and producing art personally helps me in aiding the management of bipolar and complex post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. I find art to be a great way to channel energy. I would even call it a spiritual-like experience, because everything other than love is just an illusion. For me, expressive patterns and teams of colours are symbolic analogues that flow into an artwork that I create”.

Belinda has exhibited her artwork in a range of exhibitions such as Abstract at Aspire Gallery, Art from the Margins at Brisbane City Hall, Roving Conspiracies Exhibition in West End and Ft x Ft Exhibition at Aspire Gallery.

The artwork listed below are currently showing in the Journey Exhibition.


The Queensland Government has extended lockdown in South East Queensland in response to new COVID-19 cases in Brisbane.
Access Arts workshops will not proceed this week.