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Jeff seated in front of a wall covered in graffiti

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Jeff seated in front of a wall covered in graffiti



Jeff Usher is a 2019 Access Arts SAFE Grant recipient.

The SAFE Fund provides one-off funding opportunities for artists living with disability or disadvantage to access new opportunities and remove barriers to their professional career development.

Jeff will achieve state wide recognition at Butterfly Club, where he aims to reach audiences with information about mental health issues, using the show to educate and entertain. Formerly known as “It’s Not Easy Being Green”, the show was recently re-titled “Chameleon” and is a stage play by Karen Lee Roberts.  Jeff will be playing the lead piano accompaniment live for Melbourne audiences to enjoy.

Jeff Usher is a Pianist, Composer, Arranger, Blues Singer, Lecturer, Teacher. There are many sides to his long musical career.

As a musician, his specialty in Jazz and Blues, but he regularly crosses into other genres of music including Rock-n-Roll, Funk, Soul, Latin, Country, and Gospel.

Jeff has been blind since birth, and follows in the long tradition of great blind pianists like Ray Charles, George Shearing and Stevie Wonder. Like this list of greats, Jeff has not allowed his blindness to be an obstacle to his success.