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Tanya Darl

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Tanya is a painter and photographer.

She is inspired by the Australian landscape, including the outback (in particular the colour and sparseness), rainforests, bushes, rivers and creeks, surf and beaches, Australian streetscapes, old houses and cityscapes. Tanya has done portraits of some famous Australian’s including James Morrison, Deborah Conway and Ken Talbot. She also loves to express her emotions through her artworks and has a semi abstract style.

Tanya’s preferred tools are her bare hands, brushes, palette knives, squeegees and sponges. Painting with acrylics and oils on canvas or cardboard is her preferred use of materials. She loves the feel and texture of paint.

Tanya’s technique is free and rapid which is in sync with her sometimes fast mind. This technique has developed over the years of painting and experimenting. She drips, pours, flicks, and smears paint onto the canvas, “which I thoroughly enjoy doing… I find it energetic and fun! I also find painting to be tiring and reflective…when I am tapping into my emotional work.”