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Sue Yule

About Sue Yule

Sue says, “I’m currently based in Forest Lake, Brisbane where I have lived for the past 24 years. My art is informed by my natural surroundings. I have been inspired by nature my entire life. As a child I would observe with great curiosity and wonder the beauty and intricacy of plants, flowers and wildlife, embracing the dance of light upon petals and leaves.


I often enjoy exploring my neighbourhood and taking photos for my catalogue of inspiration and reference. I then use these snapshots of time in my studio where my concepts come to life through paint and pigment. I’m primarily a 2D visual artist painting in acrylic, oils or soft pastels depending on my subject choice.


Additionally, I’m also a printmaker, using lino-printing and mono printing with natural found materials along with freeform crochet and terracotta pot painting”.


Sue has exhibited in a series of exhibitions curated by Access Arts at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital including Time (2019), Dreams (2020) and Earth Footprint (2021).


She has also exhibited in a series of exhibitions curated by Access Arts at KPMG including Celebrating Difference (2019) and Journey to the other side (2020). Sue recently had her first solo exhibition titled A Year in My Suburb at AFTM Gallery (2021).

Sue Yule's work is currently being exhibited at Brisbane Powerhouse as part of the Visitors exhibition.