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Heather Pepperill

About Heather Pepperill

Heather is an Indigenous artist who has developed a geometric style over her twelve years of making art.

Her experiences with the isolation and constraints of the current pandemic have led her to explore a freer, more chaotic approach to creating artwork.

Coming from a long line of Katyete artists in Central Australia, Heather draws on her experience of being separated from her family, and her concern for their wellbeing.

The evolution of her work during COVID-19 has led to a toning down of her usually bright colour schemes, reflecting the limitations on her normal pre-pandemic exuberance.

Earth Footprint is Heather’s third exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, showing previously at Time (2019) and Dreams (2020), as well as the KPMG exhibition Journey to the Other Side (2020).


The artworks listed below were exhibited in ‘Earth Footprint’ at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.