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About Alexandra ellen

Alexandra is an emerging Brisbane-based artist and actor. She uses creativity to engage in a variety of artistic ventures for therapeutic benefit, and encourages others to do the same. She calls her arts practice “therapeutic creativity”.

In 2019, Alexandra displayed her work in Access Arts’ exhibition at KPMG, and the Harmony 2 Shine exhibition and had her first solo exhibition titled Outside, Inside at The Koffee Co. in Norman Park. Alexandra is also a contributing artist for the Queensland Music Festival’s Play Me I’m Yours project.

Alexandra has embraced visual arts since adolescence and has attended Access Arts Visual Arts programs since the beginning of 2018. This has given her a platform to develop her skill, process and practice as a mixed media visual artist and photographer. She enjoys working with water colour, mixed media, textures and sculpture, and is well known for her use of her signature button trees.

Earth Footprint is Alexandra’s third exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital, showing previously at Time (2019) and Dreams (2020), as well as the KPMG exhibition Journey to the Other Side (2020).


The artworks listed below were exhibited in ‘Earth Footprint’ at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.