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Grants and Awards

Are you driven to create?


Access Arts can help you make the first, or next step through one of our grant funding opportunities.


Provided with support and in partnership with other arts organisations, our grants and awards fund the development opportunities, guidance, and exposure artists with disability or disadvantage need to pursue their artistic practice.

A photo of Oliver wearing a colourful blazer and blue glasses is added onto a pink and yellow watercolour background

Access Arts Achievement Award

The $10,000 Access Arts Achievement Award is offered annually to advance the career of one Queensland artist, artsworker or producer who experiences disability.

A sketched illustration of a hand holding a single cherry.

SAFE Grant

The SAFE Grant is a “rapid response” scheme offering up to $1,000 to assist Queensland artists, artsworkers or producers who experience disability. 

Access Arts offers two grants per year.

Eight orange circles in a line with headshots of Sync participants in each. Light blue circles are placed behind in the background. The SYNC Australia logo is placed at the bottom of the circles on the left side.


Sync Leadership Australia is an online leadership and coaching program exploring leadership for those with disability in arts, culture, heritage and media.