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Artist: Belinda Taylor

Belinda’s love of art developed through her high school years, culminating in her completing a Diploma of Creative Arts at James Cook University.

Belinda says, “Creating and producing art personally helps me in aiding the management of bipolar and complex post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms. I find art to be a great way to channel energy. I would even call it a spiritual-like experience, because everything other than love is just an illusion. For me, expressive patterns and teams of colours are symbolic analogues that flow into an artwork that I create. A lot of my abstract expressionistic paintings are about releasing the tension and stigma that is still alive in our society today about mental health issues, that many people live with. “I want to shed light on the positives of living with these types of conditions so that people living with any such diagnosis are not judged. More so, we should try to understand each other better with an open mind and an open heart”.

Belinda has exhibited her artwork in a range of exhibitions such as Abstract at Aspire Gallery, Art from the Margins at Brisbane City Hall, Roving Conspiracies Exhibition in West End and Ft x Ft Exhibition at Aspire Gallery.

The artworks listed below are currently showing in the Dreams Exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.


The Queensland Government has extended lockdown in South East Queensland in response to new COVID-19 cases in Brisbane.
Access Arts workshops will not proceed this week.