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Alexandra Ellen


Alexandra Ellen

I was free to just be and create! I was in the moment and these moments were beautiful, encouraging, empowering and fruitful.

Alexandra Ellen, is a 2020 Access Arts SAFE Grant recipient.


The SAFE Fund provides one-off funding opportunities for artists living with disability or disadvantage to access new opportunities and remove barriers to their professional career development. 


The SAFE Grant enabled Alexandra to attend Back to Back Theatre’s “Come and Make Performance” CAMP in Geelong, Victoria. CAMP is a weekend of theatre and art-making workshops for new and emerging artists. 


Brisbane-based Alexandra is a multidisciplinary artist, actor and musician who regularily performs with Indelibility Arts. She calls her arts practice “therapeutic creativity.” 


At CAMP, Alexandra got involved in four workshops which led her to explore voice, writing, acting and drawing. 


“CAMP was a true blessing and feel like I have developed both as an artist and a person,” Alexandra said.


“Fears and insecurities that normally hold me back, didn’t. I’ve even chipped away at the writer’s block I’ve had for years.”


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