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Olivia arrived at Access Arts with a passion for Artistic Roller-skating and a drive to make her mark through costume embellishment. New to both visual and textile arts she is establishing her personal style in hand-applying Swarovski crystals to pre-made garments and accessories.

The world of competitive artistic roller-skating comes with restrictions and guidelines, in terms of choreography, costumes and materials. More than just a physical practice, the sport requires mental and emotional strength, with resilience, focus, discipline and spatial awareness.

Along with the challenges, Olivia also describes a sense of freedom and floating, where ‘everything else drops away’ when deep in flow. Learning the new skill of crystal embellishment has drawn on some similar attributes. From the initial steps of following a garment line, Olivia has moved to increasingly free-form and intuitive expression.  

THE TANGO PIECE by Olivia Rowswell