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Magda Labuda


Magda first developed a keen interest in photography during high school and went on to complete a Diploma in Art from the Australia National University School of Art.

Magda explores a range of subject matters, themes and techniques through her photographs including natural and urban landscapes, portraits, culture, history and macro photography.

Magda has recently exhibited in three exhibitions curated by Access Arts at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital including Time (2019), Earth Footprint (2021) and Visitors (2021) Exhibition at Brisbane Powerhouse.

Magda’s other career highlights include being commissioned to capture public transport from a macro perspective for Nelson’s Property; documenting the State Disability Conference in Cairns; and creating imagery for the Peter Vance Quintet album. Magda has also been a recipient of the Heiser Gallery Emerging Artist Award, a finalist in the Moreton Bay Regional art Awards and participated in an artist in residence program at Metro Arts.