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A car accident a few years ago set in motion a series of life-altering events. During this time I turned to art, in particular drawing and painting, to find joy and beauty.

I love to illustrate the world around me, exploring nature and the human experiences which connect us.  

I use pencil to depict the detail in nature, and paint to explore colour, mood and texture. Recently I began to experiment with textile art, its traditions, texture, and tactile elements. The textile and stitches can be explored at a slower pace, reflecting the making process where each piece and stitch is considered and placed by hand. A contemplative process which creates a unique connection to the work. I use organic and pre-loved fabric, dyeing the materials with flowers and leaves to create a connection to the colours of the natural world, the seasons, and a sense of place. 

Art enables us to see the world as another person experiences it. I hope to create images which evoke emotion and memory through exploring connections in nature and human experiences. By incorporating symbolism and sensory elements will allow the viewer to access and explore the pieces in their own space and time.