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Artist: Andrew Pemberton – Journey Exhibition

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Artist: Andrew Pemberton

Andrew draws inspiration for his paintings from people he has met and places he has seen. As a keen science-fiction fan, he has recently been incorporating motifs from popular TV series and films. Andrew explores several mediums including watercolours, mosaic and pottery.

Andrew has displayed his work at MIFQ in King George Square, Art from the Margins at the Old Museum, Places of the World and Imagination at Brisbane Square Library, Aerial at Graydon Gallery, Time at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital and Celebrating Difference at KPMG.

Andrew’s artwork has also been published in a poetry book, The Naïve Baker by Peter Hine.

Andrew enjoys visiting farms, as he loves the animals and being outdoors. He always smiles when he talks about farm animals. He most recently visited a farm in Pullenvale and hopes to go again soon.

The artworks listed below are currently showing in the Journey Exhibition.