Participants at a drumming workshop in the Brisbane Powerhouse Stores

Exciting Access Arts News!

My name is Tim and I am the Performing Arts Coordinator at Access Arts. I would like to tell you about some of our major achievements this year.

Earlier this year, we moved all our performing arts workshops from various venues around Brisbane to a new home at Brisbane Powerhouse. Since then, I have witnessed our members grow and flourish with their artistic endeavours, even as they undertook the grueling training required to create performance pieces. This resulted in the Access Arts Singers performing with five other choirs that comprised ‘Songs of Our Suburbs’ at Southbank, Brisbane. Also, at the end of our recently concluded Term 2, our Theatre & Dance Ensemble showed their new work-in-progress ‘The Master Piece’ for those family and friends joining us for Community Sharing Week.

Our members’ pieces made people rise to their feet with applause!

I am so thrilled to see their confidence and skills develop each week, building on existing talents with newfound abilities. This is why we decided to call our next project ‘Leaps and Bounds’. Taking the courage to leap higher than ever before with an experience bound into a fun and positive future (hopefully, filled with more applause).

‘Leaps and Bounds’ is an ambitious collaborative project which will see our members work alongside the very best dancers, circus performers and trainers. Our friends at Vulcana Women’s Circus will bring their years of experience into the studio, while Phluxus2 Dance Collective are poised to bust out creative moves with us.

This intensive workshop series can unlock so much potential …however, we need your help to raise the funds to cover the costs of  staging the series. Can you help us?

Any amount will be much appreciated. There’s one day left until EOFY and all donations of $2 and above are tax deductible. To donate click HERE!

Help us create something amazing. We can then share our love of performing with you.

With grateful thanks,

Tim Brown