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Andrea Carroll

About Andrea Carroll

Andrea uses her creative practice as a means of self-expression, to tell her story. Her anthropological background and interest in human behaviour has a strong influence on her work.

By combining print making with self-portraiture, Andrea conveys symbols that have meaning to her emotional journey and connects to memories of the past. Working in layers is an important process in her work, weaving representation of time, place, memory, and identity.

Andrea uses Australian native flowers and leaves to express strength and resilience surviving through adversity, capturing the beauty, peace and the positive aspects that nature holds. Andrea feels that we are strongly interconnected with our surrounding natural environment.

In learning to express and process her emotions through her artistic practice, Andrea is finding a sense of healing, acceptance, and transformation.

Earth Footprint is Andrea’s first exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.

The artworks listed below are currently showing in the Earth Footprint Exhibition at St Andrew’s War Memorial Hospital.