Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio (BOA)

08th October, 2014

The Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio (BOA) is for artists who want to develop their visual arts skills to a professional standard. BOA provides a self-directed learning environment in which artists are supported to reach their individual artistic goals. Artists receive professional development support, access to a variety of visual arts materials, and opportunities to exhibit in quality exhibitions. The BOA studio is open on Mondays and Tuesdays from 10:00am – 3:00pm. Before attending the BOA studio in Eight Mile Plains, members are requested to make an appointment with Access Arts to present and discuss their arts practice.

Facilitated by visual artists Rachel Gaffney-Dawson (Mondays) and Jasmin Coleman (Tuesdays), supported by Catriona Holland

If you are interested in joining the Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio or would like to purchase an artwork, please contact Visual Arts Co-ordinator Rachel Gaffney-Dawson on 07 3505 0311 or by email to

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