Access Arts’ SAFE fund was established by Life Member Peter Vance to provide flexible assistance to emerging and professional artists living in Queensland who experience disability.

Access Arts awards SAFE grants of up to $1,000.  SAFE provides one-off funding opportunities.

The SAFE grant can fund the costs of attending conferences, training courses, events or mentoring to help enhance an artist’s professional career.  Removing barriers and accessing opportunities are among the reasons why Peter Vance established the SAFE Fund.


How to Apply


SAFE grant funding round for 2017 is now closed. 


Here’s how a SAFE grant made a difference to previous recipients:

  • Belinda Peel to have an art exhibition aimed at gaining artistic exposure and letting other disability circles see her work. Belinda has been working with the Brisbane Outsider Artists group at Access Arts for a large part of her career. Belinda was thrilled that as a result of her project, many participants discovered the importance of gallery accessibility and the project’s impact on “society (which) is now more open to disability.”                   
  • Janelle Colquhoun to travel to London to attend the Visually Impaired Musician’s Lives conference. By attending this conference Janelle was able to renew her professional networks and ideas relating to vision impaired musicians. “I have been able to bring back to Australia many varied experiences to further my career …I am so grateful for SAFE funds to assist in the costs of my trip.”
  • Mantist Oryem to print copies of his new single Hello Mamma to sell during live shows, at recording stores and on fan’s requests. Afterward, Mantist was able to work with radio stations which sent out copies of his single to listeners. “The Safe Fund has been so helpful, giving me a chance to boost my career and take it to the next level.”
  • Gillian Rankine to work with her mentor Meredith Beardmore who travelled from Melbourne to play with her at the Early Music Society of Queensland concert, playing the Baroque Flute. Gillian reflects that this project was not limited by her disability, allowing her to have access to her mentor and a highly valuable performance experience in Brisbane.


Donate Now to SAFE Fund

SAFE Fund grants are made possible by the support of our community. If you would like to contribute, donate now on our fundraising portal.


Past SAFE Grant Recipients 2009-2016


  • Daniele Constance
  • Levi Diball


  • Megan Louise West
  • Paul Gray


  • Janelle Colquhoun
  • Gillian Rankine
  • Mantist Oryem
  • Belinda Peel
  • Sarah Houbolt
  • Amanda Rosenfeld


  • Rachael Missingham


  • John Briggs
  • Diane James
  • Paul Ryan
  • Deb Chilton
  • Richelle Spence
  • Cristina Youhanna


  • Colin Cain
  • Maureen Connolly
  • Teone Reinthal
  • Brendan Huddy
  • Reg Lovell
  • Rachel Tara
  • Susan Andrews


  • Carol O’Reilly
  • Cristina Youhanna
  • Colleen Stevenson
  • Danielle Richardson
  • Footprints Inc
  • Lewis Leigh Lucas
  • Ross Barber
  • Tanya Darl


  • Debra Barry
  • Karen Roberts
  • Magda Labuda
  • Michelle Bainbridge
  • Terry Stewart
  • Damian Stewart
  • Maya Jones
  • Teone Reinthal


  • Christine Smale
  • Alex Crombie
  • Anna Benakich