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Deb with Access Arts CEO Pat Swell

Deb Chilton is a visual artist from Ipswich, south west of Brisbane. Deb was awarded a SAFE Grant in 2013 to attend Arts and Disability Meeting Place, a national conference in Hobart, in June 2013.

What did the SAFE grant mean to Deb?

“If I could simply sum up what the day meant to me, it would be ‘The art of communication’.”

“To hear and make contact with other artists and art workers from around the country was inspiring and it again opened my horizons for future opportunities to work with other visual artists in other ways.”

“In terms of networking it was great to talk with another visual artist who teaches students with a disability.  I realised how incredibly supportive our council is of the arts.”

The Queensland Government has extended lockdown in South East Queensland in response to new COVID-19 cases in Brisbane.
Access Arts workshops will not proceed this week.