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Allycia Staples

Allycia Staples dancing

Allycia Staples is a 2020 Access Arts SAFE Grant recipient.

The SAFE Fund provides one-off funding opportunities for artists living with disability or disadvantage to access new opportunities and remove barriers to their professional career development.

The SAFE Grant enabled Allycia to attend Back to Back Theatre’s “Come and Make Performance” CAMP in Geelong, Victoria. CAMP is a weekend of theatre and art-making workshops for new and emerging artists.

Allycia was able to connect with new people who shared her interests and passions during the four workshops she attended at CAMP. In these workshops, Allycia explored different creative exercises with speech, movement and breath, and left feeling inspired and motivated to do more.

“To see other people’s work made me feel validated because I realised I had good skills to share,” Allycia said.

“I would like to thank Access Arts for sponsoring me to attend this event, I feel like it has encouraged me to step up in my community and take more of a leading role to become a mentor myself one day.”

In her home town on the Sunshine Coast, Allycia performs in a dance group called the Sunshine Troupe, and she aspires to be a mentor to other creatives. She would love to organise her own camp one day, where people can learn, collaborate and create together.

The Queensland Government has extended lockdown in South East Queensland in response to new COVID-19 cases in Brisbane.
Access Arts workshops will not proceed this week.