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Access Arts works in partnership with Queensland arts and cultural organisations to support a high level of accessibility and disability awareness within the arts and cultural sector, to encourage inclusivity and equal access to the arts for all.

Access Arts offers three streams of Disability Access Programs:

  1. Disability Awareness Training for arts and cultural organisations and venues
  2. Access Assessments for all arts and cultural organisations
  3. Disability Action Planning advice and development.

What we offer:

  • Flexible training and consultancy services
  • Recommendations and solutions to remove barriers to arts and cultural participation.

Disability Awareness Programs:

Access Arts has assisted many organisations to implement disability awareness programs. Access Arts utilises an action-based approach to disability awareness training, with an aim to give participants hands-on experience when it comes to living with disability.


  • Increased awareness of the impact of various disabilities
  • Opportunities to ask questions of experienced trainers who have a “lived experience” of disability
  • Resources providing information on a range of disabilities and practical tips on how best to assist
  • Increased capacity to deliver inclusive arts and cultural projects and events
  • Programs relevant for both customer service staff and artists, and arts and cultural workers.

Who should participate?

  • Artists, arts and cultural workers
  • Educators delivering arts and cultural programs
  • Customer service staff
  • CEOs, producers, managers and administrators working in arts and cultural organisations.

Participant feedback suggests that these programs, and the fact that we use creative activities to increase enjoyment and relevance, provide an authentic and enlightening experience – even for those who have done disability awareness training before.

Access Assessments:

Access assessments provide you with a comprehensive analysis of your venue, services, management and employment practices as they relate to access by people experiencing disability.


  • Receive an extensive report outlining potential barriers to participation and recommendations for cost-effective solutions
  • Implement accessibility strategies for other markets, such as parents with prams or older people
  • Spend time and money now on access and save your organisation considerable time and money on disability discrimination complaints in the future
  • Contribute to the National Arts and Disability Strategy.

Who should have an access assessment?

  • Arts and cultural service organisations and producers
  • Arts and cultural venues
  • Local government facilities which deliver arts and cultural activities.

Disability Action Plans:

A Disability Action Plan is a commitment by an organisation, regardless of its size, to consider and put in place strategies to welcome into their activities the one in five Australians with disability.

What a plan involves:

  • Voluntary and proactive development and implementation
  • Consulting with people with disability and/or their representative organisations
  • Reviewing policies and practices
  • Identifying barriers for people with disability in regards to access
  • Planning strategies to eliminate these barriers.


  • Enhances corporate image through delivering services more efficiently.
  • Accesses a wider market.
  • Does not need to be time-consuming, expensive or complex.
  • Raises awareness of diversity issues
  • Makes your business, activities and products more attractive and accessible to a wider audience.