Patrick Tyro-Burns

Management Committee Member

For almost three decades Patrick has been working in social services. He initially worked in direct service delivery, progressing to senior management positions in government and KPMG. Presently, he is responsible for national strategy and planning at Life Without Barriers, one of Australia’s largest social purpose organisations.

Patrick has applied policy, program and service development strategies across complex service delivery systems and a variety of organisational settings in Australia and the United Kingdom, delivering core functions such as regional service delivery operations, strategic planning, policy development, legislative reform, business development, procurement, contract management, market and sector development, corporate investigations, quality improvement, and stakeholder engagement.

More recently, Patrick led the planning and implementation of human service reforms and initiatives at executive level, in particular the planning and response to the introduction of the National Disability Insurance Scheme and Consumer Directed Care in the aged care sector. He has a strong interest in the role and work of community-based organisations to address social and economic disadvantage.