Support Us


One in every five Queenslanders experience disability – that’s 20% of the population. You play a vital role when you donate to Access Arts and each donation over $2.00 is tax deductible.

There are two ways that you can donate to Access Arts:

1. General Donations

  • Help an artist
  • Realise our next artistic project
  • Keep our technology sharp

2. SAFE Fund

Access Arts’ SAFE grants provide fast, flexible assistance to emerging and professional artists, artsworkers or producers living in Queensland who experience disability. These grants have helped talented Queenslanders further their practice.

To receive tax deductible status for donations over $2, just give your name and address when making a donation and we will email a tax receipt to you.

Sponsor Us

At Access Arts we are passionate about making sure that the creative ideas of people with disability become a reality. Would your business like to make a difference through philanthropic support, corporate partnership or sponsorship?

There are many ways that your company can help Access Arts support the creativity of people with disability.  Our Chief Executive Officer, Pat Swell, would be delighted to discuss ways that, together, we can make access to the arts for everyone in Queensland a reality.

Email Pat at