Wowing the crowd at KPMG

18th November, 2015

Our Theatre Ensemble literally stopped guests in their tracks with the surprise ‘site specific’ performance at Perception exhibition, held in the KPMG foyer around a large table.

We caught up with Theatre Ensemble member, Eleonora Ginardi, to find out first-hand what it was like to perform.
Q. As this was the second time the Theatre Ensemble has performed, how would you describe your performance this time around?
A. We decided to keep the performance rather loose and base the dialogue on impulse. This maintained an element of surprise which kept us exploring our performance topic of “when I’m at the table…” It was a little challenging, but most enjoyable as we explored new ideas on the night of the performance.

Q. How was this performance challenging compared with any other performance you have done? 
A. I loved the challenge of playing myself and not being ‘on stage’ – with the audience only a few steps away, allowing a rather intimate setting.

Q. How was the performance received?
A. The audience were very engaged with our performance. I had a few people come up to me and say it was very enjoyable and asked how long we had been rehearsing it for. They were very surprised by how short our rehearsal period was. It was a credit to us all, so we raised our glasses and made a toast to finish the performance!

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