A Message from our President

25th June, 2018

Acess Arts President Thomas BradleyThe culture of giving is strong in Australia. We are a nation who look for ways of helping each other out and seeing dreams realised. Every time somebody like you sends us a donation, regardless of whether it is time, money or in kind, that gift has the power to change lives.

You play a vital role when you donate to Access Arts. Without your loyal support, we couldn’t do the vital work we do. We believe that the arts are for everyone and have worked toward this goal for 35 years.

As the end of financial year grows close, we ask you to give in to your generous nature and help us deliver quality arts for people with disability or disadvantage.

Your donation could assist to run our Leaps and Bounds workshop in December this year, purchase innovative art supplies for an artist experiencing disability or ensure our members have access to collaboration with professional artists throughout Brisbane. You can read more about our work on our website at www.accessarts.org.au

It’s only 5 days until the end of financial year and every donation over $2.00 is tax deductible. So, if you haven’t had a chance to make a donation yet, please take a minute to do it now and give us the power to make positive change in the lives of people who experience disability.

Visit accessarts.org.au/donate/ now to help Access Arts change lives.

With grateful thanks,

Thomas Bradley QC
Access Arts