BOA members inspired by the greats

04th December, 2017
BOA Excursion
 BOA members and staff at GOMA

The Brisbane Outsider Artists (BOA) visited the Gallery of Modern Art on Monday the 4th of December 2017. At the BOA studio, artists develop their skills to a professional standard, so seeing works by Picasso, Yayoi Kusama and Gerhard Richter has been great inspiration.

BOA member Belinda Peel says:

We started at the old art gallery with Picasso and I admired how he could go from simple drawings to detailed line work within the one image. I really enjoyed the maps of Australia and seeing the funny side of how we think in Australia. The maps featuring Australia’s ‘big things’ reminded me of childhood trips. I enjoyed Yayoi Kusama’s bright installations“.

Another BOA member, Dion Halse says:

“Picasso’s artworks are detailed and varied in their patterning”.

The BOA members all agreed they couldn’t wait for the next exhibition excursion! See a happy snap from the day above.