Meet our 2015 Access Arts Achievement Award Winner, Emma Le Strange

18th September, 2015

This year’s Access Arts Achievement Award winner, Emma Le Strange, will use her $10,000 award to produce a children’s book Tea Parties and Pillows. The story will follow a mother and daughter’s daily activities centred in the parent’s bedroom.

We asked Emma, an artist who experiences chronic illness, why she was passionate about pursuing her project.
“I was kind of surprised to find that only a small handful of story books were out there for children with chronically ill caregivers. I am hoping to inspire other parents with chronic illness… [the book] will also be light hearted and aesthetically beautiful.

“My daughter gave me the inspiration and motivation to persevere in the creative industries. I decided that it was important to show her that no matter what obstacles, you can achieve your dreams.”

We can’t wait to see your book develop, Emma. All the best!

Emma Le Strange holding her new certificate.