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Access Arts’ talented artists work across a range of mediums such as painting, photography, drawing, collage and mosaic. Our artists exhibit regularly throughout the Brisbane region. If you would like to purchase or commission an artwork, or simply want to find out more, contact the Access Arts office on (07) 3505 0311.

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Colleen Stevenson

Photography became part of my life after the death of my son David. Photography helped me get through everyday things. The landscapes that I am drawn to are isolated, small pockets within the Brisbane City landscape such as Raven Street Reserve. When light refracts in nature I see it as abstract movement, something lost or Read more…

Magda Labuda

Magda first developed a keen interest in photography during high school, and has completed a Diploma in Art from the Australia National University School of Art. Magda explores a range of subject matter, themes and techniques through her photographs including natural and urban landscapes, portraits, culture, politics, history and Macro photography. In recent years Magda Read more…

Tanya Darl

Tanya is a painter and photographer. She is inspired by the Australian landscape, including the outback (in particular the colour and sparseness), rainforests, bushes, rivers and creeks, surf and beaches, Australian streetscapes, old houses and cityscapes.  Tanya has done portraits of some famous Australian’s including James Morrison, Deborah Conway and Ken Talbot.  She also loves Read more…

Levi Diball

Levi is a Brisbane based emerging Outsider Artist and illustrator. She has been making art for as long as she can remember, using a range of media to express her feelings toward her own experiences and those of others. She uses humour and quirkiness to illustrate the hard and sad parts of her personal and family life. Read more…