Wuilo Allemand

Wuilo Allemand was born in Santiago de Chile in 1965. From a young age Wuilo dreamed of becoming an artist and expressing a positive energy through art. Wuilo studied photography for two years at Arcis University in Chile. Wuilo found that life became more interesting with each class he attended.

Wuilo learnt that art can be a very powerful tool for creating positive change in the world. “The love of art is the best way to describe everything I have achieved today. I have spent hours, days, years, painting and working on building pictures.”

Wuilo cites visiting a range of  galleries in Paris and extensive travel through Chile observing the rich colours of the landscape as his primary artistic influences.

“My paintings are just simple, full of universal energy, beautiful, while mixing shapes and strong colours to give a pleasant view and to encourage everyone to follow the great life we have in Brisbane and as an artist with a vision.”