Sylvie Joy

I am primarily a photographic artist who dabbles in writing and would love to explore sculpture and textiles, living with a fluctuating, debilitating condition. I began taking photographs in 1983, at the age of 8, when my father gave me his old Pentax K1000. I have explored SLR photography on and off ever since.

While disability has formed a gateway for me to explore my artistic nature and interests as a means of engagement, my art is about exploring life, not my disability. Having had an international upbringing, I have felt different and been an outsider since birth. My ‘disability status’ is another area that contributes to my experience of being an outsider in mainstream society, but by no means the only one. I do think my experience of ‘being on the outside looking in’ is intrinsic to my artistic style, as I bring an usual, subtle, often oblique perspective to the things I photograph.

My work is not idea driven – that is, I am not at all talented at, or interested in, forming ideas and trying to produce or capture them. Rather, I take photos of things I see that move or fascinate me in some way, regardless of whether I understand at an intellectual level what that is. Sometimes ideas form from that, but that is not my aim or impetus. I love capturing moments of what actually exists, rather then exploring how that can be made into beautiful, engaging, stand-alone images.