George Delaney

George Delaney is a member of Access Arts’ Brisbane Outsider Artists’ Studio, working primarily with abstract drip painting and comic book inspired characters. George utilises a range of oils, acrylics and spray paints to build highly textured, rich and colourful surfaces. George first became serious about his love for art when he was shown the works of Salvador Dali and later the famous works of Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. After having a successful solo exhibition at South Brisbane and later in Germany, George gained the confidence to pursue art making as a profession. While living on the Gold Coast, George joined an art group called ‘Girrabella’ and had many sales at local exhibitions. Recently George has exhibited in a number of group exhibitions in Brisbane, Stanthorpe, Bangkok, Luxembourg, Kingaroy and Townsville. George paints every day and endeavours to create new effects.