Carmel Drennan

My art reflects my combined Australian Aboriginal and Scottish heritages, inspired by two places I grew up in… outback Queensland and the Gold Coast. I paint in acrylics that reflect the jewelled colours of nature and earth and have a calming, healing effect. Patterns of spirit figures and nature, sometimes with detailed indigenous symbols I learnt as a child, produce a “meditative” journey. Painting gives me a place to belong and forget my limits, and a place for others to contemplate. My painting is intuitive, always painting with respect for my ancestors and elders.

“The longer the eye gazes, the more it sees; the longer the heart dwells the more it connects; the longer the mind contemplates the more it discovers”.

I started painting ‘as therapy’ mid-2012, and have exhibited in Art From The Margins 2013 and Loading Dock Espresso Café, West End, 2013, Brisbane.