Applying for a SAFE Grant

Download the SAFE Grant Expression of Interest form HERE and the SAFE Grant Guidelines HERE and submit by:

Closing Date 1- April 1 – 2018 (Projects to be completed between June 1 – 2018 and January 1 – 2019)

Closing Date 2- November 1 – 2018 (Projects to be completed between January 1 – 2019 and June 1 – 2019)

 Submit your completed Expression of Interest form before the closing date, either via email to OR post to Unit 7, 65-96 Macgregor Terrace, Bardon QLD 4065.

For assistance in filling out your application, one consultation with a Project Coordinator can be provided by phone or in person at the Access Arts office. Please call (07) 3505 0311 to make your consultation booking.

Stage 2

Within four weeks of the closing dates, you will be advised on the outcome of your Expression of Interest submission. If your application is successful, we will invite you to fill out a full SAFE Fund grant application form.  Please Note:  The full SAFE Fund grant application form has two additional components only; a budget and supporting materials.

The full SAFE Fund grant applications will be assessed by an independent panel within four weeks. You will be advised in writing as to whether your full application is successful.

Access Arts will retain 5% of the grant money until we have received your final report. Once you have spent the funds, you will need to provide Access Arts with receipts and a short report outlining the outcomes of the project.  This must be submitted to Access Arts within four weeks of completing your project.

To complete a full SAFE Fund Application you will need:

  • A copy of your completed Expression of Interest form
  • A project budget (template will be provided)
  • Support materials including a current CV, an example of your work, letters of support (3 pages max)